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Mission and Vision

Coalfield School
Our Mission: To have a “ONE-HEARTBEAT” culture that will help
create an environment where everyone feels included, feels loved, is
safe, and has the opportunity to be successful.
What does “One-Heartbeat” mean? (It means to be united, it’s a unit working together for
one thing.) That one thing for us is: “To be a strong school.”
Why should we strive to have a “One-Heartbeat” culture in our school? (Whenever
people come together with one heart, it is an incredible show of power. Nothing is
impossible for them. Togetherness is strong and powerful. On the other hand, a divided
group of people is weak and failure is unavoidable for them.)
Our Vision: To be a strong school.
What is a strong school? (A Strong School is a We, not Me environment)
- It’s one where School Staff, students, parents, churches, law enforcement, and
other community members choose to come together to help make our school a
safe and successful place for everyone.
- It’s one where staff, students, parents, and teammates choose to do all they can to
keep the peace within our school, on the team, or in the community. They choose
not to tear others down with social media or group chats. They are intentional
about choosing to rise above this type of behavior, and instead, they choose to lift
others up and offer them encouragement.
- It’s one where if a student, teammate, or staff member is falling behind or
struggling in some way, we choose to come along beside them and walk with
them to try and help them be the best they can be.
- It’s one where if a student, teammate, or staff member is being ignored, we choose
to find a way to include them and help lift them up.
- It’s one where custodians and cafeteria workers don’t need to clean up after
anyone who intentionally chooses to make a mess or vandalize the building.
- It’s one where parents choose to be engaged in their child's education and
students choose to take ownership of their education so staff members don’t need
to beg them to attend school, be on time, study, or do their assignments.
- It’s one where staff members choose to do all they can to be at school and do
their job to the best of their ability so that the school can run at its best.
- It’s one where students and staff choose to follow school board and school policy
so everyone can have a safe and enjoyable day.
- It’s a group of people who choose to come together for one common goal... To do
right, one choice at a time, so that we can be a strong school.
“Our choices each day will either make our school stronger or they
will make it weaker...so please choose wisely.”